Inspire yourself to the health results you want and fall in love with wellness – if you can stand the suspense – in this engaging and profound story about a lot more than diabetes.

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Get life-altering motivation and a research-based plan with Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey

On the verge of a blissful retirement, Gene Curtin suddenly faces an unexpected diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. While he greatly appreciates the love and support of his wife, Hope, and college-aged son, Jim, he can’t seem to shake the mounting shame and despair that threaten to engulf him. After a timely encounter with his mysterious new neighbor, however, strange mini-challenges start cropping up in Gene’s life that provoke his dormant sense of adventure. As he strives to navigate these hurdles, Gene begins to discover health and science secrets that may dramatically transform his future if he can change his daily habits. Providing seven foundational tips for overcoming health obstacles, Sweet Healing takes you on an inspiring whole health journey that frees you to enjoy every day of your life.

Praise for Sweet Healing


“Clearly benefits diabetics through presenting a self-care option beyond the world of drugs and surgery, and is extremely well-written.”
– Rob Ivker, DO, past-president, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, author of the best-selling Sinus Survival“I use Sweet Healing as a trusted resource with all of my patients diagnosed with diabetes and other degenerative diseases. With this book you get not only hope, but also a framework that can guide you in how to use the most powerful tools for maintaining your health and vitality.”
– Harry McIlroy, MD, Integrative Physician“If you know someone who’s faced with type 2 diabetes or a degenerative metabolic health crisis, I highly recommend this inspirational novel!”
Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“You’ll be gripped by the fiction and made hungry for your highest level of health. Devour Sweet Healing now!”
Cathy Silvers, Happy Days star actor and author of Happy Days, Healthy Living

“When you read Sweet Healing, you get a proven alternative narrative that you can use for whole-person health.”
Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD, author of There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Conscious Eating, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, and Spiritual Nutrition

“You’ll learn more about the personal side of diabetes and how to deal with it in this short novel than you will by reading medical documents. Well done!!”
Mike Anderson, creator of the film Eating, author of The RAVE Diet

“A powerful story about the nature of healing…and healing with nature.”
Elson Haas, MD, Founder of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition

Sweet Healing is a heart-touching and inspiring novel about holistic approaches to healing diabetes. With vivid story-telling, Michael Bedar helps us understand the deeper meanings of wellness and healing; uplifting and potentially transformational!”
Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the best-selling book, The World Peace Diet

“If you are diabetic, or know someone who is, read this book and awaken into wellness. It just may save your life.”
Frank Ferrante, author of May I Be Frank and featured subject of the documentary film, May I Be Frank

Sweet Healing is a story of our time that reveals a reality that more people on Earth are beginning to experience…where the extraordinary becomes the ordinary.”
Jia Patton, author of Celebrate Life and May All Be Fed: Diet for a New World, with John Robbins

“Michael Bedar’s real-life tale is a ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ and ‘Celestine Prophecy’-type adventure… and teaches you how to heal yourself.”
Annie Padden Jubb, Author of LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force, and Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology, and owner of the LifeFood Organic restaurant chain